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    Beyond the Shadows CAS by Robin Lee Hatcher  

    Narrated by various narrators. Length: 7 hrs.

    After her husband dies, Deborah Haskin meets Gideon Clermont, who has served with her husband in the Korean War. After they marry, Deborah begins to realize that Gideon has an illness, alcoholism.

    Capital Crimes CAS by Stuart Woods                      

    Read by Barrett Whitener. Length: 7 hrs.

    Will, Kate, and the FBI track their man, set a trap, and await the most dangerous kind of quarry, a killer with a cause to die for.

    The Kalahari Typing School for Men CAS by Alexander McCall Smith    

    Narrated by Lisette Lecat. Length: 7 hrs.

    Sleuth Precious Ramotswe is asked to locate two women, her assistant starts a typing school for men, and the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency gets a competitor when a new agency opens.

    Saucer CAS by Stephen Coonts

    Read by Dick Hill. Length: 9 hrs.

    While in the Sahara, Rip and his colleagues uncover a flying saucer. With the help of ex-Air Force test pilot, Charley Pine, Rip flies the saucer away, embarking on a fantastic journey into space.

    Turning Angel CAS by Greg Iles     

    Read by Dick Hill. Length: 16 hrs.

    Penn Cage is forced to reevaluate his view of his old high school, his best friend, his hometown, and even himself. Foremost in his mind is one question: Could my best friend have murdered a 17-year-old girl?

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