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    How do I circulate ALS books on Horizon?

    ALS Books Received After August 21, 2003
    Books that you receive from ALS after August 21, 2003 will be cataloged and ready to circulate. You should no longer need to create temporary records for these items. You will check the items out by scanning the ALS barcode.  Rather than "checking out" material to your library, ALS will be batch editing item records so that they use the Location code of your library while you house them.  We will be able to track the items through an ALS Collection code.

    ALS Books Received Before August 21, 2003
    Books that you received while we were on CARL were checked out to your library on the system. This "checked out" status will carry over to Horizon. You should still be able to use the ALS barcode to check these items out to your patrons. Please take the following steps:
    1. Using the ALS barcode, edit the item(s) in Horizon, changing the Location code from "als" to the Location code used by your library.
    2. Use Horizon Circulation to check-in the book. The book should now be ready to circulate to your patrons, using the ALS barcode.

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    Last Updated: 2011-09-01 16:18:35