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    How do I use Batch Item Delete on Horizon?

    The Batch Item Delete process allows technical services staff to delete a group of item records at one time. Please take the following steps when using Batch Item Delete:
    1. In Horizon, open the Cataloging folder.
    2. Under Cataloging, open the folder labeled "Item Record"
    3. Double click on the option for Batch Item Delete
    4. In the Compound Search window, make sure the append list box is checked. Place cursor in search window.
    5. Scan the barcodes for the items that you want to delete. (As you scan, you will see item information for the scanned items appear in the window behind the search window.)
    6. After you have scanned all of the items to be deleted, close the search window by clicking on the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen.
    7. Select all of the items by highlighting with your mouse (or press the Ctrl+A keys)
    8. Click on the Delete button
    9. A new window, "Batch Item Delete Options," will appear. We suggest accepting the defaults for this screen by clicking on Okay. (The default for Last Item Delete Action should be "Flag bib as staff only."
    10. A new window will appear, noting that Batch Item Delete is complete. Click Okay.

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    Last Updated: 2011-09-01 16:18:35