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    What's the meaning of Locations, Collections and iTypes on Horizon?

    LocationLibrary Name             CARL Branch Code                 Resulting Location Code in Horizon

    Aurora Public              AURORA                               aurora
    Hoyt Lakes Public       HOYT                                    hoyt
    Merritt Elementary       MRTMIB                                mrtmib

    CollectionLibrary Name            CARL Location Code               Resulting Collection Code in Horizon

    Hibbing Public            AF                                             hiaf
    Gilbert Public              EZ                                            giez
    Marble Elementary       NF                                           menf

    The Horizon Collection code is a required field in all item records.Parameters for Collections  are set up by the Systems Departmentat ALS. Each Collection has its own description which will display withitem information in the public catalog.  For instance, thedescription for the Collection �hiaf� above is �Adult Fiction.� Modifications to these descriptions can be made by the ALS SystemsDepartment.

    It is possible to collect circulation statistics for each libraryCollection. However, Collection codes cannot be used to drive loanperiods. This is done chiefly through the Item Types (iTypes) describedbelow.

    Note: There are a few cases where libraries  have only oneCollection code on the new system. (This code will most likely end withthe characters �unk� and will be described in the catalog as �GeneralCollections.�) Libraries with only one Collection code typically did not have developed Location Codes on CARL. ALS can add newCollection codes for these libraries as they are requested. Smallerlibraries might opt to continue with a single Collection code forGeneral Collections.

    Item Type (iType)Library               iType           Description

    Virginia               vr21d           items that circulate 21 days
    ALS                   al14              items that circulate 14 days
    Cloquet              cl21              items that circulate 21 days

    There are other codes where loan periods or exceptions might not be soapparent from the codes themselves.  If you have questions aboutthem, please contact the ALS Systems Department.

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    Last Updated: 2011-09-01 16:18:35