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    How do I force a checked out item into Lost status?

    At times you may want to force a checked out item into "Lost" status, even though the item has not yet aged to Lost, in order to take payment from a borrower who already realizes he has lost the item and wishes to pay for it.

    Enter the borrower's barcode into the CKO window, and go past the Block window (if any) back into CKO if needed. Press the "All Items Out" button on the bottom. Highlight the item that has been reported lost. At the top of the screen drop the "CKO" menu, and choose the now-lit choice "Lost." This will force the selected item into lost status, and simultaneously create a lost item entry in the borrower's block record corresponding to the cost of the book and any processing fee, which can then be cleared upon payment.

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    Last Updated: 2011-09-01 16:18:35