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    Where can I see Mark's training guide for Circulation?

    Checking out an item
    Checking in an item
    Renewing an item
    Registering a new patron
    Changing an existing patron's record
    Dealing with fines
    How to place or cancel a hold ("request")
    How to fill requests made at another library ("system hold")

    1. Checking out an item
      1. Open CKO window
      2. Scan in patron barcode, or use Borrower/Find Borrower menu
      3. Scan in item barcodes until finished.You can choose to print a receipt for the patron by pressing the CTRL-F11 key combination after the last item is scanned.
      4. Scan in next patronís barcode and the process is reset

      While in checkout you can also modify a patron or item record, see all the items currently checked out to that patron, change the due date, or see what blocks a patron may have on their record.If a patron has blocks on their record (fines/overdues/fees), the Blocks window will appear before the checkout, which can be then dealt with or manually overridden.If a patron exceeded a maximum amount set by your library (maximum items checked out, maximum fine, etc.), a special "Maximum Exceeded" message will pop up to block the checkout, which can then also be resolved or overridden.

    2. Checking in an item
      1. Open CKI window
      2. Begin scanning in items

      If an item is on hold, or has been returned from another library, a notice will appear.  You can set the PC to automatically print these notices.

    3. Renewing an item
      1. Enter the patron barcode into the CKO window
      2. Click the "All Items Out" button
      3. Select the item (s) you want to renew
      4. Drop the CKO menu and choose "renew."

      Your answer to the message that follows the renewal, "Are the items present?", determines if the action is to be counted as a phone renewal.

    4. IV.Registering a new patron
      1. Open the CKO window and drop the Borrower menu;choose  "New Borrower"
      2. Complete the patron record form (remember to page down) and then save and close the record.

    5. Changing an existing patron's record
      1. Open the CKO window, wand in the patronís barcode
      2. Drop the Borrower menu and choose "Edit borrower"
      3. Make and save the changes

      If the patronís card is not available, first use the "Find Borrower" option from the Borrower menu.Then you can search for the patron by name.Double-clicking their name from the search results will enter their barcode into CKO, and you can then follow step 2 above.

    6. Dealing with fines
      1. You can see anytime if a person has fines by entering their barcode into the CKO window, and hitting the "Blocks" button.Blocks mean ANY overdues, any unpaid fines, and any special fees.
      2. The Blocks screen will also appear automatically during checkout if any fines currently exist for the patron.You can choose to override a block during checkout.
      3. To take payment for a fine, select the amount in the Blocks window and hit the "Payment" button.
      4. Enter the appropriate amount paid to clear the fine.You can choose to print a receipt.

    7. How to place or cancel a hold ("request")
      1. Identify the borrower who wishes to place a request in the CKO window.
      2. Identify the item they wish to put a request on by dropping the Item/Find Item menu and doing a search.You can also double click the "New Search" choice on the left menu pane if you choose.
      3. Select the appropriate item, and drop the Request/Make Request menu.If the hold cannot be placed, for example, if it is a locally restricted item, you will be notified.
      4. Select the pickup point using the Codes button.By default it will be the current location.
      5. When an item that has had a request placed on it is returned, upon checkin a notice will appear indicating the requestor, their phone number, and an option to print the slip.

      You can tell a patron what requests they have are currently outstanding by dropping the Borrower/Requests menu.This will also allow you to cancel a hold, or modify its expiration date.

    8. How to fill requests made at another library ("system hold")
      1. If the off-site request has been made on an item that is checked out, when that item is checked back in a notice will appear indicating where to send the item, the requestorís name and telephone number, and an option to print a slip.The itemís status will be changed to "in transit."
      2. For requests that have been placed for items that are on your shelves, the request will appear on the "Request Pull List" for your library.You can use this list to pull the items requested by other libraries, and then check them in, at which time the same notice referred to in #1 above will appear.
      3. To access the Request Pull List,double-click Circulation Reports in the Circulation folder in the left pane, the drop the menu Requests/Request Pull List.You can now print out the list and use it to retrieve items from the shelves.Once you have pulled all the items, reset the list by hitting the "List Pulled" button in the lower left corner of the Request Pull List.
      4. From the Request Pull List, you can also delete requests with the "Delete" button.When you do this, the status of the request in the patronís record is changed to "request deleted".You can also choose to not send an item, but not DELETE the patronís request, by using the "Keep Item" button.In that case, the item request gets routed to another library.
      5. If you do not fill an item from the Request Pull List within 24 hours, AND there is another library that has the item CHECKED IN, the item will automatically be transferred to the other libraryís Pull List.

      When you receive books from other libraries via NEMIDS or ALS that YOUR patrons have requested, check them in, and a notice will be generated the same as that in section VII-5 above.Their status will change to Hold Shelf.When your patron returns the book to you, checkin will generate an In Transit slip identifying where to return the item to.

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    Last Updated: 2011-09-01 16:18:35