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    Is there a list of common queries that can be used to generate reports for my library?

    Each query is preceded by a description of what report it produces.  You can copy and paste the query itself into your own EasyAsk Query Builder window--be sure to change the word "library" to whatever your Horizon location code is before you actually run the query(vrgnia, cloque, keewat, etc.).

    Overdues and Lost Items


    1.  Counts the number of titles in your library:

    count bibs item location library

    2. Counts the number of items in your library:

    count items item location library

    3.  Counts the number of borrowers that have your location as their borrower location:

    count borrowers borrower location librarycount items item location library, sort by item collection

      When the query executes, you will be asked if you want the report to show only overdues from your own item collection (independent of borower location), or overdues by YOUR location's borrowers (regardless of item location):

    Show borrower borrower barcode phone borr addr1 borr addr2 zipcode call title name item barcode due date for overdues >7 for location library sort by borrower

    2.  Produces a list of items from your library based on your choice of item status--lost, missing, on hold, etc.--and sorts them by call number.  NOTE: all Dewey call numbers are preceded by a  "3" due to table construction, ignore the leading "3":

    list items for a specified item status item location library, sort by call


      Shows your total circulation for the year 2003, broken down by collection code of all the items circulatedt hrough your library:

    Report statistics statcategory Circulation--Istat by Collection, stat location library, statyear 2003 by stat category, code type, and stat year

    2.  Same as above, only allows you to choose a specific month:

    Report statistics statcategory Circulation--Istat by Collection, stat location library, for a specified stat month by stat category, code type, and stat month

    Both of the above reports can be changed to report circulation statistics by btype instead of collection code--so you can see how much circ activity you are getting from other borrower locations--by changing the phrase "Circulation--Istat by Collection" to "Circulation--Btype."

    3.  You can see the usage history of the items on your collection (usage means checkouts and renewals). This statement will list all titles that had a usage of LESS THAN 3--useful for weeding, etc.:

    list usage item location library when usage > 10, sort by title name


      Make a handy call list of items on hold at your library with the borrower's name and phone:

    List on hold items, borrower, phone, titles, pickup location library, sort by borrower

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    Last Updated: 2011-09-01 16:18:35