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    How do I include item information in CatExpress so that my catalog records load to Horizon with item records?

    It is possible to enter item data in CatExpress so that item records are created automatically during loads to Horizon.  CatExpress loads continue to take place the day after you save records in the utility, and if you enter item data in CatExpress, you do not need to create items for those records on our local system.  You must type all the information correctly while working in CatExpress; if you make a typo in the collection code, for example, Horizon will not recognize the information and will not create an item record at all.  You will have to create it yourself on Horizon.

    Here are the steps that you will need to take in order to enter Horizon item data in CatExpress:

    1. After you have reviewed a MARC record in CatExpress and ascertained that it matches the title that you have in hand, click on the EditRecord Button.

    2. Below the section that includes your Holdings Symbol, there is a box of editable fields labeled: Add More Locations (852).  Use the chart below to enter your local item data. You will quickly notice that the labels for 852 fields in CatExpress will have nothing to do with the Horizon data that you enter there. If you find this confusing, you do not have to enter item data. You can still enter this on the local system, after the MARC records have loaded.
    Field Name in CatExpress Enter the Following Data

    Location (a) Horizon Location Code (required)
    Shelving Location (c) Horizon Collection Code (required)
    Cutter (i) Copy info (optional)
    Barcode (p) Barcode number (required)
    Sublocation (b) Horizon iType Code (required)
    Class (h) Call number (optional)
    Shelving Control (j) Source field for vendor information (optional)
    Public note (z) Price (optional)

    Notes:  If you enter copy information, use the abbreviation "c." for copy.  For volume information, use the abbreviation "v."  Here are a few examples:


    3.  Save the record.

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    Last Updated: 2011-09-01 16:18:35