Youth Services

Youth Services, services for children and teens ages birth to 18 years, is a specialty track of Minnesota Career Renewal.

Welcome to the wonderful world of library service to young people. You have the opportunity to influence their lives in any number of ways, from birth through high school. You will see them in preschool story hours, on Saturday and after school, and in that sometimes most dreaded form--in a group with teenaged friends. And if you have formed a lasting attachment to the library as a place of learning and entertainment, you will continue to see them into their adult years, as they bring their own children to this wonderful place that has meant so much to them through the years.

Youth Services, A Guide: for Developing Self & Others, for Developing Services Responses, for Developing Lifelong Learners Collaboratively is a workbook designed to outline the roles and competencies needed to work with children and teens in a public library setting. Although the guide refers to Youth Services staff, all library staff need to be aware of these competencies and extend the same courtesies and sevices to their younger patrons as they do to older ones.

Effective library service for children and youth requires a broad range of expertise and professional skills. Through using the guide, and the staff responsibilities and activities included in it, staff will evaluate thir current practices and discover more ways to deliver these services. These can be easily adapted to fit a particular community and to take in account such factors as staff numbers, library location, community makeup, and financial resources.

The guide is designed to help, managers, supervisors, educators and trainers, coordinators of youth services, staff currently working in youth services, or staff preparing to assume new job responsibillities in youth services. The guide will be useful for:
  1. Setting learning objectives
  2. Hiring, training, coaching and evaluating staff working in children's services
  3. Planning and presenting the services and roles of staff working in youth services to others
  4. Assessing performance levels
  5. Setting priorities for and focussing of service.
  6. Learning Resources

Youth Services, A Guide may be purchased from the Minnesota Library Association, 1619 Dayton Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104.

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Updated on January 3, 2003.