Transfer of Learning Worksheet


This form is to help you plan to transfer what you've learned today to your everyday life. Be realistic - so that the things you plan to do here can be completed and help you succeed.


1.                 When I get back from this session, I'll discuss what I've learned and my overall impressions to today's program with:


Person                                 Place                             Time                   


What I think I'd most like to discuss is:




Why I want to discuss this:



2.                 I'm going to "stretch" my knowledge about this topic by finding the following book, article, tape, or person:


3.                 I'm going to try to implement part of what I learned today by:



I'm going to discuss the results of this experience with:



4.                 Other activities I'd like to do to make sure that my learning in this topic/area continues beyond this event:



If you need prodding, consider signing a copy of this worksheet and sending it to another person who will serve as an adviser/coach/prodder.






City                                                    State                             Zip                      


Send to:

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