Small and One Person Libraries

Managing Small and One Person Libraries is one of the specialty tracks participants may select. This track is for the director or supervisor of a one-person library, a branch librarian or substitute librarian, or the department head of a larger library. Competencies cover governance and structure, policy development, cooperation, personnel management, financial management, planning and evaluation, and physical facilities.

Each Regional Public Library System in Minnesota has a copy of the manuals:
  1. Training Manual
  2. Training Resources
  3. Small Libraries: Organization and Operation by Donald J. Sager, 3rd ed, published by Highsmith, Inc.
Use the Manuals in pursuing Career Renewal. Use the competencies as a checklist to determine the knowledges and abilities you need to enhance. In the Training Manual, turn to the tabbed section dealing with the category of competencies and use the readings suggested both at the bottom of the outline and in the sections Suggested Readings and Assignments to identify those that will be of most help.

For information about the requirements for Career Renewal:
  1. Read the Handbook for Minnesota Career Renewal.
  2. Use the list of competencies to Identify Personal Needs for Career Renewal.
  3. Use the resources and assignments in the Managing Small and One Person Libraries Training Manual to Develop a Personal Continuing Development Plan
  4. Use a combination of group and independent activities as learning methods. For example, you might attend the series of three workshops outlined in the Managing Small and One Person Libraries Training Manual, concentrate on one or more categories and teach a session including your area of concentration as the presentation milestone session. Or, you might develop a plan including several of the suggested readings and assignments in the sections Assignments and Suggested Readings, complete the Final Project and ask your Collaborating Colleagues to read your work. This may form the basis for the third Milestone Session: Collegial Forum Capstone.
These Managing Small and One Person Libraries Manuals are useful for instructors and for staff development and orientation of new library directors and branch heads.

For instructors, the manual is organized for three learning sessions of approximate four hours each. The content is based on the competencies. For staff development and orientation, the nine topics are organized separately with listings of related handouts, readings, and group exercieses. Each topic could be presented in a one-hour segment or be assigned for discussion at staff meetings. Both manuals and the Sager text are useful for those accepting the position of branch or department head for the first time.


Managing Small and One Person Libraries: Suggested Readings
Managing Small and One Person Libraries: A Bibliography with Additional Resources

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