Policies for Special Track

Procedure for Requesting a Special Track

  1. Consult with an advisor (supervisor, mentor, professional colleague) about the feasibility/appropriateness of the Special Track.

  2. Draft a proposal for a plan that identifies the needed competencies after consultation with advisor and an expert in the subject area covered by the track.
  3. Ask your advisor to submit a letter of support for the Special Track to the CLIME Committee.
  4. Develop a statement of purpose for the Special Track. Explain in writing on separate paper:
    • Why you believe this Special Track will meet your present and future career goals; and
    • Submit the signed proposal and list of competencies
  5. Submit the signed proposal with statement of purpose and list of competencies to the CLIME Committee for final approval.
  6. Resubmit any departure from the approved Special Track to the CLIME Committee for approval.


Applicant's Name                                                                                         


Telephone                                                    Email                                      


Address                                                        Library                                    




Expected date of completion                                                                        


Date Submitted                                           


Title of the Special Track                                                         

Competencies in the Special Track








Approval of this Proposal


Advisor signature                                                            Date                             


(Advisor: Please submit letter of support for this proposal confirming the Special Track is based on career needs.)


Participant signature                                                       Date                             






Chair, CLIME Committee signature                                                                       







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