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The Minnesota Career Renewal Program
Guidelines for Individuals
Action: Show Commitment to Continuing Professional Development
Action: Identify Personal Needs for Career Renewal
Action: Develop a Personal Continuing Development Plan
       Self-Assessment Chart
       Interpreting the Chart/Identifying Key Development Objectives
       Development Plan Worksheet
Action: Implement Your Career Renewal Plan
       Application for Minnesota Career Renewal Program
       Request to Design a Special Track
Action: Record Activities: Review Program; Assess Benefits
       Transfer of Learning Worksheet
       Learning Journal
       Record of Development Activities


A. Competencies Identified by Minnesota Library Staff
       General Library Service Competencies
       Managerial Competencies for Small and One Person Libraries
       Top Management Team Competencies for Public Libraries
       Director's Competencies for Multitype Library Cooperation Systems
       Reader's Advisory Service Competencies
       Reference Competencies
       Systems and Information Technology Competencies
       Technical Services Competencies: Motse Level I
       Technical Services Competencies: Motse Level II
       Youth Services
B. Competencies Identified by Others
C. Learning Formats and Techniques
D. Reading for Learning
E. "A Manager's Perspective on Career Renewal"
F. Public Library Service in Minnesota
G. Academic Libraries in Minnesota (to be developed)

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