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Talking with Readers: Readers Advisory is a specialty track for Minnesota Career Renewal. Readers Advisory answers the question of "What's a good book to read?". The services related to answering this question are referred to as readers' advisory services. These services have three goals:
  1. Help readers find books of interest to them.
  2. Help readers understand what they are looking for.
  3. Help readers develop an appreciation of the role stories play in their lives.
Talking with Readers: A Workbook for Readers' Advisory is a framework for supporting you, your staff and your institution as you determine what you need to do to achieve these goals for fiction readers of your community. The emphasis throughout the workbook is fiction and adult readers as the intended target population for readers' advisory service. The workbook has three sections. The first section focuses on assisting staff in assessing their knowledge and abilities in readers' advisory. The second section focuses on the service and its components. A third section identifies resources that aid staff in expanding their readers' advisory knowledge and abilities and that provide managers with information on service.

The heart of the workbook is the competencies. Each category of competencies contain assessment exercises, questions and activities to support you in determining and enhancing your abilities in that area.

The services development section of the workbook opens with a "teaching" essay on the components of the service. The questions and answers following the essay are designed to elaborate on the text. The section concludes with a services checklist that provides decision makers with a means of assessing services they currently offer and next steps they might take to expand and improve their services.

The third section of the workbook is a resource guide that is designed to aid staff in expanding their capacity in the area of readers' advisory service.

Talking with Readers: A Workbook for Readers' Advisory is available in printed format only to public libraries in the State of Minnesota and institutions with current subscriptions to NoveList EBSCO Publishing's electronic readers' advisory resource. Public libraries in Minnesota should contact Library Development and Services at 651-582-8722 to obtain copies. Institutions with a current subscription to NoveList may access the manual from the NoveList web site through the product's For Staff Only Section.

All questions or comments from other States should be directed to Duncan Smith, NoveList Product Mananger, at 919-489-9412 x201 or duncan@epnet.com.


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Updated on January 2, 2003.

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