Excellent service is the right of all of our patrons. Library personnel* must be committed to learning about the tools, methods, philosophy, and technology that will help us in our work. To be constantly reacting to, interacting with or anticipating changes in our workplaces can be frustrating; we need to be prepared to respond. Being alert to trends in this information profession helps us anticipate change. However, by assessing our learning needs and charting and following a course of study, each of us is even better prepared. The people of Minnesota benefit from our foresight and commitment to continued personal and professional renewal.


The Minnesota Career Renewal Program provides a framework for library professionals to continue lifelong learning. The framework is designed to help individuals assess their needs and develop a plan for meeting them. The Program is for those who have completed the Certification Program and for library personnel with MLS' or other recognized professional degrees or licenses, to build, maintain and enhance skills in areas of specialties. In three-year increments, individuals assess their needs, prepare and follow plans of study, share and evaluate their learning.


The three milestones in this program are common experiences through which participants share their learning, in an otherwise very personal endeavor. They are:



Each person's plan is unique, but the knowledge shared through the common experiences become a part of the total knowledge of the Minnesota library field.


The Development Plan is adapted from the Framework for Continuing Professional Development Action: Steps and Guidelines, Library Association, London, England, 1992, and the American Library Association adaptation, 1995. The outline of this handbook follows the suggested actions identified in the Framework's "Guidelines for Individuals:"


          Action          Show commitment to continuing professional development and career renewal.

          Action          Identify personal needs for career renewal.

          Action          Develop a personal continuing professional development plan.

          Action          Implement your career renewal plan.

          Action          Record continuing professional development activities; review the program in terms of your job and career goals and assess benefits.

(Good practice examples for each of these actions follow.)




*Library personnel refers to all levels of staff in all types of library, information and media centers.


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