The Minnesota Career Renewal Program


Career Renewal - Why participate?


Today, libraries and the individuals who work in them face continued pressure to do more with less, in an apparently infinitely expanding information environment.


Library employees, at all levels of the organization, want to make the best use of their potential by improving their skills and broadening their experience.


Skill development increases their employability for the future and enables them to take advantage of career opportunities as they arise.


Career Renewal - What is it?


Career Renewal provides a frame-work for library professionals to continue life long learning. It is designed for those committed to learning about the philosophy, methods, technology, and tools that are exercised in our work.


Each participant prepares an individual Personal Development Plan, designed to help the individual assess his or her needs and develop a plan for meeting them. Participants will prepare a plan of study and evaluate learning experiences as they proceed through the program.


Three milestones mark this program and provide a shared experience in an otherwise very personal endeavor:

  1. Participation in a forum of Minnesota issues in librarianship
  2. A public presentation on a topic of study
  3. A capstone session where participants discuss their speciality with their colleagues

Participants may select among speciality tracks, such as Reference, Technical Services, Children's Services, Systems & Information Technologies, Administration/Management, Readers Advisory, or design their own set of program competencies.


Two other tracks for which competencies are defined:


Management - For the supervisor of a one-person library, a branch librarian or substitute librarian, or the department head of a larger library.


Generalist - An overview track of all functions in librarianship designed to provide seamless service. This track serves those not wishing to specialize.


For information on Career Renewal, contact your Regional Public Library System, Multitype Library Cooperation System, or Library Development and Services.



Who may participate?


The Minnesota Career Renewal Program is voluntary. It is designed for those who already have an MLS degree or who have completed the Minnesota Voluntary Certification Program.


There is a nonrefundable fee of $15 to enroll in the program. The fee covers some of the paperwork costs for the program.

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