Interpreting the Chart


Distinguish among your abilities/strengths and learning needs.


If, in the final column, the resulting number is positive, it indicates that your ability or strength exceeds the level needed to meet your goal or job requirements. 0 indicates your ability meets what is required. A negative number indicates a need for improvement. The need may be for learning new or enhanced skills or it may indicate a need for other strategies. Review the items with negative numbers. The larger the negative number, the greater the need for improvement.



The competency statements for your chosen specialty may be of help in determining the type of learning need. The initial terms in the competency statements often indicate whether the competency is a knowledge, ability (skill), or attitude.

Knowledge is awareness of facts, ideas and concepts relevant to a task, a function or an organization. Competency statements beginning the knows, recognizes, has knowledge, is familiar, is aware are statements of knowledge.

Ability/skill is being able to apply knowledge proficiently in a manner appropriate to the situation. Competency statements beginning with is able to are statements of abilities (skills).

Attitude is a preference, or behavior, that indicates an opinion, disposition, or manner towards a person, a thing or a situation. Statements beginning with an action word ending in s such as responds, complies, seeks, maintains, or beginning with is, such as is alert, is committed are statements of attitudes.



1.       Now determine which needs/objectives you will address.

2.       On the Development Plan Worksheet, following, state your objectives for the three-year period in specific terms. Try to set demanding objectives that are realistic! E.g. I would like:

3.       Consult others about your objectives and priorities.

4.       Set a target date for each objective. Reasonable target dates for the majority of objectives are likely to be one, two or three years.

5.       You may wish to include some longer-term objectives.

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