Demonstrate a thorough understanding of all functions within librarianship, such as public services, technical services, administrative services and technology while integrating those functions to provide seamless service. Certification dissects the whole into its component parts; Career Renewal reassembles it. This track may be particularly suitable for a supervisor in a small or one-person library or in a library or in a library branch.


Begin with a self-assessment:


Step 1: assess your current skills and behaviors using the following competencies, professional standards, and expectations of the local library system.

Step 2: validate your skill level by discussion with mentor, supervisor, or colleague

Step 3: set personal performance standards and goals for improvement in target areas.


A.                 Philosophy

1.                 In-depth understanding of the history, ethics and responsibilities of librarianship.

2.                 Demonstrate a commitment to the profession through membership in professional organizations

3.                 Demonstrate extraordinary service in the workplace, or publish an in depth article on a professional issue.


B.                Administration and planning

1.                 Demonstrate ability to manage a budget

2.                 Demonstrate ability to manage personnel issues.

3.                 Demonstrate good communication skills

4.                 Demonstrate ability to define new services

5.                 Plan, implement and evaluate service

6.                 Market service

7.                 Collaborate with community organizations, schools and other libraries

8.                 Demonstrate ability to plan and provide training for patrons and staff


C.                Direct patron services

1.                 Deepen knowledge of subject areas in order to provide excellent service

2.                 Develop mastery of electronic resources in order to use them effectively in the reference transaction

3.                 Refine interpersonal skills needed to ascertain patron needs


D.                Technical Services

1.                 Demonstrate understanding of the relationship of collection development and management to the mission of the library.

2.                 Apply knowledge of acquisitions to the streamlining of the process

3.                 Demonstrate a mastery of the skills and knowledge necessary for accurate classification and cataloging (see MOTSE Technical Services Competencies Level 1.D. Bibliographic Control)

4.                 Demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge necessary to preserve and repair materials (see MOTSE Technical Services Competencies Level 1, Physical Processing)

5.                 Demonstrate mastery of computer operations needed to use the local system for acquisitions, cataloging, and serials (see MOTSE Technical Services Competencies Level 1, F: Access Technology)

6.                 Demonstrate mastery of other online systems such as OCLC and the Internet for technical services (ibid.)


E.                 Technology

1.                 Demonstrate understanding of the role technology plays in the creation, retrieval and delivery of library resources, functions and services

2.                 Demonstrate mastery in the use of the computer and audiovisual equipment

3.                 Demonstrate skill in using specific hardware and software applications for library functions and services

4.                 Demonstrate skill in web page design

5.                 Demonstrate skill in communicating understanding of the role technology plays in the creation, retrieval and delivery of library resources, functions and services.

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