Good Practice


Once you have selected your area of concentration -- generalist or a specialty -- pick out the key developmental competencies on which you would like to concentrate for the Career Renewal Program. You may want to use the Self-Assessment Chart, following, with the following instructions to help identify your key developmental competencies.


  1. First, review all the competencies listed for the specialty or general studies you have selected. Add others, if you wish. Copy the competencies onto the following Self-Assessment Chart.

  2. Assess your ability: Use the ability scale below to select a rating for each item. Assign a rating to each competency in the column "Level of My Ability."

    Ability Scale

                       4 = Outstanding - definitely one of my strengths

                       3 = Above average - compared to my ability in other areas

                       2 = Average or moderate

                       1 = Minimal

                       0 = No experience or training in this area

  3. Rate Importance: Using the rating scale below, rate each item in the third column. "Importance" to reflect how important competency is to your professional goals or to your job.

    Importance to My Goals/My Job

              4 = Of critical importance - a key development objective

              3 = Very important

              2 = Of moderate importance

              1 = Of minimal importance

              0 = Of no importance

  4. Subtract the number in the Importance column from that in the Ability column. Enter result in the final, "My Strengths/Needs" column. Add a plus (+) if the number in the Ability column is higher that the number subtracted fro the Importance column. Add a minus (-) if the opposite is true.

  5. You may wish to add a "Comments" column or section to give examples of how you demonstrate this competency for +'s or self observations for what you need to accomplish to meet the competency for -`s.

To check your self-assessment of your competencies, you may wish to ask your supervisor or a co-worker to rate each item on the chart separately or to review your ratings.

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