Good Practice       

How to Begin

Begin by assessing the requirements of your present job, or the specifications of a future job. For your present or future job:

What are the key areas which you need in your present or future job? You may find it helpful to breakdown the job into four areas:

Program Choice

If you are considering an area of specialty or adding depth to the competencies attained through participation in the Minnesota Voluntary Library Certification Program, ask yourself:

As other sets of competencies become available, information concerning them will be added to the Certification website at You may also submit another list of competencies to the CLIME Committee at Library Development and Services, 1500 Hwy 36 W, Roseville, MN  55113, for approval. Or, you might wish to develop an individualized program e.g., archives management, fund raising and grant writing which can be submitted to CLIME for approval. (See "Request to Design a Special Track," p. 16.)


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