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The bulk of this directory gives ZIP Codes for addresses throughout the United States. States are listed alphabetically. The ZIP Codes for all towns in a state are listed at the beginning of each state's entry, and each town's county is given. This is one of the easiest places to find out what County a city is in. Following that, there is a detailed breakdown by street addresses for Cities in the state which have more than one ZIP Code number.

Other useful features include a list of standard abbreviations for states and words used in street addresses, and a short list of ZIP Codes in numerical order. There is also an alphabetical list of City names giving ZIP Codes.

At the beginning of some of the listings for towns with more than one ZIP Code, there is a special list of street addresses for important buildings such as government offices, large office buildings, hospitals, hotels and schools. This can be useful for finding addresses in cities for which you don't have a phone directory. Some very large cities do not have this feature, but most do, so it's worth checking the ZIP CODE DIRECTORY for addresses such as city halls, hospitals, or schools.

There is also a section giving "Post Office Delivery Statistics" by county. County seats can be identified from this list because they are in capital letters followed by the initials CH. By finding the county a town is in, in the State List of Post Offices at the beginning of each state's listing, and then turning to the "Post Office Delivery Statistics" section, you can find the county seat for most U.S. towns.

The Directory also has helpful summaries of postal regulations and tips on mailing, delivery standards (how long does the Post Office say it should take to deliver a first class letter?), and information on other Postal Service business and regulations.

The official web page for accessing the governement zip code database and is searchable by address, city, state, or zip code is

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