Essential Print Resources

These reference books are considered to be essential to even the smallest library. New editions may have appeared, so be sure to check for the latest available before ordering.

  1. General Almanac (current year)

    World Almanac and Book of Facts 2007
    ISBN 978-0-88687-996-9 large-format edition approx. $32.99

  2. Encyclopedia (current within three years)

    World Book Encyclopedia, World Book, 2002
    ISBN 0-7166-0103-6 $849.00

  3. Unabridged Dictionary (choose one)

    American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th ed.
    Houghton-Mifflin, 2006
    ISBN 0-618-70173-7 (hardcover with CD-ROM) $60.00

    Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, 3rd ed.
    Random House, 2001
    ISBN 0- 375-42566-7 $49.95

    Webster's Third New International Dictionary
    Merriam-Webster, 2000
    ISBN 87779-302-6 $139.95

  4. Telephone Directory (current year)

    Local and nearest major metropolitan area

  5. Auto Repair Manuals (current within three years)

    Automobile Service Manual, 1999-2003
    Chilton Book Company, 2002
    ISBN 0-8019-9356-3 $79.95

    Import Service Manual 1999-2003
    Chilton Book Company, 2002.
    ISBN 0-8019-9357-1 $79.95

  6. Consumer Information (current edition)

    Consumer Reports Buying Guide Issue, 2007
    by the Editors of Consumer Reports Books
    Consumer Reports Books, November 2006
    ISBN 1-933524-01-4 paperback $9.99. (Free with subscription to Consumer Reports)

  7. Family Medical Guide (current within three to five years)

    Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide.
    Harvard Medical School, 2005. Simon & Schuster
    ISBN: 0684863731, $25.00 paperback

    Mayo Clinic Family Health Book.
    Harper Collins Publishers, 2003
    ISBN 0-06-000250-6, $49.95.

  8. Atlases (all three should be current within three years or latest editions of classic atlases)

    Local Maps (City and County)

    Minnesota Atlas and Gazetteer
    DeLorme Publishing
    ISBN: 0899333338; 3rd edition (March 2001) $19.95.

    Rand McNally the Road Atlas large scale '05
    Rand McNally Co
    ISBN: 0528845497; (2005) approx. $18.95

    Goode's World Atlas
    Rand McNally Company, 2005
    ISBN 0-528-65000-3 approx. $29.95

  9. Statistical Sources (current year)

    Statistical Abstract of the United States 2007: The National Data Book
    U.S. Department of Commerce and Bureau of the Census
    (Available to public libraries for free from the U.S. Government Printing Office)
    or Hoover's Inc
    ISBN: 0160763010; (2007 paperback) approx. $38.00

    Statistical Abstract of U.S., on the web

  10. Occupational Information (current year)

    Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2006-2007
    JIST Works
    ISBN: 978-1-59357-247-1; 2006-2007 edition c2006
    JIST Publishing, Inc.

    Occupational Outlook Handbook, on the web

  11. Minnesota Resources (current edition)

    Minnesota Guidebook to State Agency Services, 2004-2007
    Minnesota Bookstore
    ISBN: 9789990895360;(c2004) $14.95

    Minnesota Guidebook to State Agency Services, on the web

    Minnesota Legislative Manual.
    Minnesota Secretary of State, 2005/2006
    Free from area legislators.

    Guide to Starting A Business In Minnesota.
    Minnesota Small Business Assistance Office. Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development, 2005
    ISBN 1-888404-36-1 Free (call 612/296-3871 to order)

  12. Political Directories and Handbooks

    U.S. Government Manual 2005-2006
    Office of the Federal Register.
    ISBN 0160726018 approx. $48.60

    U.S. Government Manual, on the web

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