Stock Information

The stock exchanges operate Monday through Friday except for holidays. Stock prices are reported in the WALL STREET JOURNAL and other newspapers on the next trading day. If the next day is a Saturday or holiday, they will not be listed until the next work day. The Friday, February 2, 1990 stock prices, for example, were not reported until Monday, February 5, 1990.

Stocks are listed in the newspaper by the stock exchange on which they appear. The three major exchanges are the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE, the AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE and the NASDAQ for over-the-counter exchanges. Companies whose stocks are not sold on a national exchange may or may not be found in over-the-counter listings.

Most patrons want a dollar figure for the day's:

Figures are reported in dollars and fractions of dollars. Often the fractions are 1/8's or units worth $0.125. So, a stock price of:

On the over the counter exchanges, prices may be given in 1/16th's of dollars, or 1/32nd's of dollars.

The names of the companies are usually abbreviated on the listings. You can look up the abbreviation in VALUE LINE, CORPORATE REPORT FACT BOOK, STANDARD & POOR'S REGISTER OF CORPORATIONS, DIRECTORS AND EXECUTIVES, or similar directory. Generally, though, the company names are listed on the exchanges in alphabetical order as they would be if completely spelled out, (the abbreviations themselves may not be in correct alphabetical order, though).

Over the counter stock prices don't give highs, lows and closings since they are traded in a different manner. They give "bid" prices and "asked" prices. A "Bid" price is what a dealer will pay you for your stock. An "asked" price is what you would pay to buy the stock from the dealer.

When you are asked for stock prices be sure to write down the name of the company, the exchange that the stock is traded on, whether the stock is common or preferred, and the date for which the stock price is needed.

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