Statesman's Yearbook

You have already learned several sources for finding information On U.S. government officials. Comparable information for officials of other countries is harder to find. The WORLD ALMANAC gives heads of state, but does not list other officials. A place to turn for more detailed information on other countries is the STATESMAN'S YEARBOOK.

An annual publication, THE STATESMAN'S YEARBOOK gives recent information on all countries of the world. Listings include:

  1. very brief summaries of the history
  2. statistics on land area and population
  3. climate
  4. current government, including major government officials
  5. defense
  6. international relations
  7. the currency and other economic facts
  8. energy and natural resources
  9. industry
  10. foreign economic relations
  11. communications (e .g., airports)
  12. statistics on education, religion, justice
  13. diplomatic representatives

This information is just a capsule, and there are better places to go for detailed narratives, but the STATESMAN'S YEARBOOK has the advantage of coming out each year, so its lists of officeholders and statistics are more up-to-date than some other sources like an encyclopedia.

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