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Helpful Phrases in Spanish

Phrase Pronunciation
Good morning Buenos dias BWEH nohs / DEE ahs
Good afternoon Buenas tardes BWEH nahs / TAHR dehs
Good evening Buenas noches BWEH nahs / NOH ches
Can I help you? Puedo ayudarle? Poo AY dough / ah you DAHR lay?
I don't speak Spanish No hablo espanol No / AH blow /ehs pah NYOHL
I will get someone who speaks Spanish Voy a traer alguien que habla espanol Voy / ah / TRAER AHL gee en / KAY/ AH blah / ehs pah NYOHL
Someone will call you Alguien le llamara AHL gee en / lay /yeah ma RAH
Please Por favor Pohr / fah VOHR
Write down your telephone number Escribe su numero de telefono Es CREE bay / sue NEW may row / day te LAY fo no
Please follow me Por favor sigame Pohr fah VOHR / SEE gah / may
Please wait a moment Espere un momento por favor Es PAY ray / oon / moh MEN toe / Pohr fah VOHR
I am sorry Lo siento Low / see EHN toe
Thank you very much Muchas gracias MOO chas / GRAH see ahs
It is free Es gratis Es / GRAH tees
Fill out this form, please Llene esta forma, por favor YAY nay / EHS tah / FOR mah / Pohr fah VOHR
What is your name? Como se llama? Ko mo / say /YEAH ma
What is your address? Que es su direccion? Kay / es / soo /dee RAKE see own?

Capitalized letters in pronunciation column denote syllables that need to be stressed.

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