Secretarial Handbooks

Secretarial handbooks, while designed for secretaries, are full of useful information on grammar, etiquette, forms for letters and other helpful hints. Because they are meant to be consulted to find a quick fact fast, they are arranged in a handy way with good indexes. This makes them an invaluable source for libraries.

Each different edition will have some information that is unique to it, but some types of information are found in almost every one.

You can usually find:

Business correspondence, including
  • Forms of letters
  • Forms of address (how do you address the mayor?
  • Punctuation
  • Filing sytems
  • Word usage
  • Using office equipment
  • Spelling of often misspelled words
  • Bookkeeping
  • Pronunciation
  • Arranging travel
  • Abbreviations
  • Understanding legal information

  • WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD SECRETARIAL HANDBOOK, includes information for secretaries who specialize in medical, legal, technical, membership and educational fields. The index is detailed and allows you to look up many specific subjects.

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