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ReferenceUSA contains two databases: one for business and the other for residential information. The Business database covers more than 12 million businesses in the United States. The Residential database contains names, addresses, and phone numbers for over 120 million households. ReferenceUSA (both databases) can be searched nationally or by state, county, city, MSA, ZIP code, or area code.

Businesses also can be searched by name, employee size, or sales volume. Searches can also be done by SIC and industry classifications, and by yellow page headings. Additional searches by executive name and title; headquarters, branch, and subsidiary; and stock exchange are also available. Combinations of all of these search fields allow for searches tailored to specific needs. It can be used to locate contact information on companies, including links to parent companies and subsidiaries. It can also be used to find information about company executives, sales volume, product lines and business descriptions, number of employees, and public company stock exchange information.

The Residential database can be used as a crisscross directory if you only have an address and/or phone number. It also can be used for mailing list for specific zip codes or MSAs


Databases are listed in the middle of the first screen. Currently only Business and Residential are available in ReferenceUSA

Click on the database you want to use. Each database has two search options which appear across the top of the screen once you select a database (Quick Search and Custom Search).

Use the Quick Search if you want information on a specific company (in the Business database) or a specific individual (in the Residential database).

Use the Custom Search (in the business database), for example, if you need information on major industries in a specific geographic area, if you need businesses by number of employees or if you need businesses making a certain amount of money.

The Residential database Custom Search allows you to find all people living in a specific zip code or if you need crisscross information.

Choose search criteria to create a search form, enter information in boxes, and press Search Now.


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