Readers' Advisory Booktalking Tips

Booktalking Tips

From Joni Richards Bodart

Booktalking is the best way of sharing the excitement of books and stories, and encourages people to read for pleasure. Booktalking is not about reviewing books, but a way of generating excitement and interest in books. This is a special form of readerís advisory can help generate interest in your collection, and connect you to patrons of all ages in your library.

What is a Booktalk?

A booktalk is best thought of as a commercial advertisement for a book. A booktalk is not evaluative and is not a review. Itís not a book report that tells the ending of the book. It is an intriguing glimpse of what's between the covers of a book, waiting for the reader to discover it. Booktalks should be fun, exciting, suspenseful, or whatever it takes to convince someone else to read the book.

The Unbreakable Rules of Booktalking

  1. Never talk about a book you haven't read.
  2. Never talk about a book you don't like.
  3. Never tell the ending.
  4. Always remember to do your own thing--create your own style.

Preparing to Write a Talk

  1. READ! READ! READ! And then read some more!!
  2. Take notes on what you read.
  3. Write your talk, or look for a published talk on the book.
  4. Decide which approach to take. What was the most exciting part of the book and why?
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