Occupational Outlook Handbook

OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK is published by the U.S. Department of Labor every other year. This inexpensive single-volume encyclopedia contains short articles on approximately 250 of the most common occupations in the U.S. The book actually covers several hundred additional occupations because subspecialties are included under each general occupation. For example, the article on counselors covers school and college counselors, career planning and placement counselors, rehabilitation counselors, employment counselors, and mental health counselors.

The articles are arranged by type of work performed, with similar occupations grouped together. Each one is two to three pages long, presenting a brief picture of the job in question and a list of addresses to write for further Information. Every article follows a standard format. Sections included are: nature of the work, working conditions, employment, training and advancement, job outlook, earnings, and related occupations. Statistics representing research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cover data on the number of people employed in each occupation, and average earnings in that field. Every article contains an analysis of the long-term growth for the field and a look at current opportunities for entry-level positions.

An Opening chapter called "Leads to More Information" lists many agencies and publications that can be consulted. The section `Tomorrow's Jobs" summarizes projections on demographic, labor force, and industry conditions for the coming ten years or more. Final chapters cover summary data for occupations not studied in detail, and a directory of state employment services.

Occupational Projections and Training Data is the statistical research supplement to OOH, and is published biennially. Occupational Outlook Quarterly is a popular magazine that profiles interesting jobs and reports on emerging occupational trends.

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