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The NetLibrary collection contains full-text of over 8,500 copyrighted and public domain reference, scholarly, professional, and literary titles. Subjects include arts, humanities, social sciences, life and physical sciences, business management, careers, computer science and more. The public domain collection includes many classic fiction and non-fiction titles. eBooks can be "checked out" and read online through the NetLibrary website.

eBooks are electronic versions of books read by using an electronic reader. eBooks are often digitized versions of their print counterparts. They may also originate and exist only in a digital form. Like print books, the text found in eBooks is often enriched with photos, illustrations, graphs and tables. Unlike normal print books, eBooks allow users to navigate through the text (e.g. easily search for specific passages) in ways not possible in print.


Go to the NetLibrary website by connecting through your local library’s homepage or the MINITEX homepage. . Browse or search through over 8,500 copyrighted and public domain titles available. You can view the full text of any title (that is not currently checked out) for up to 15 minutes.

Checking out NetLibrary books

You can set up an account (much like obtaining a library card) if you want to check out one or more books and access them whenever or wherever you are through your own Web browser. To set up your own account you will need to follow the instructions given from your local library. Once you have established an account, you can check out books by going directly to www.netlibrary.com without coming to the Library's Web site.

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