Minnesota Rules

Minnesota Rules is a compilation of administrative rules of Minnesota state agencies. It is a multivolume set recompiled every two years by the Revisor of Statutes. It is issued in hardboard volumes in odd numbered years. Each new edition is a different color. The 1989 edition is red. It is updated by "pocket parts" published twice per year. Each new edition of the Rules supersedes the previous edition, therefore to find the current rule it is only necessary to look in the most recent edition and its supplements plus any changes that may have occurred since the publication of the last pocket part by using the State Register.

Minnesota Rules is also kept current by the State Register for the period of time after the last pocket part was published. The user must refer to the State Register for any new rules, amended or repealed rules. See the discussion under STATE REGISTER.

Each State agency, board, department, office, or commission is assigned a chapter number which is unique to that agency. That number forms a "stem or prefix" from which all rules pertaining to that agency are attached. With practice you will become familiar with this. For example, all rules pertaining to the Board of Nursing agency will have the prefix number 63xx; therefore, anytime you see 63xx you will link it with the Board of Nursing.

A user can find a rule in three ways. Either by agency, rule number or subject.

Finding a rule by agency. The rules are arranged under the agency that generated them. The agencies are arranged alphabetically. If you are unsure of what your agency is named, look in the Table of Chapter Titles in the first volume.

Finding a rule bin number. If you know the number of the rule you want to see, scan the spines of the volumes to find the proper volume. The rule numbers are consecutive. Each rule has a number and that number only refers to that rule.

Finding a rule bin subject. You need to use the index volume. Using a variety of terms, find the topic in the index. The rule number is indicated. Then precede as above.

There is a User's Guide in the first volume.

In the most recent Issue of the Rules, each rule is followed by citations to its Statutory Authority or History. The "MS" refers to Minnesota Statutes; the "L" refers to Laws of Minnesota; and "SR" refers to the State Register.

At the beginning of each chapter of rules, there is a breakdown of each chapter; it is much like a table of contents. This Is useful when you are sure of the agency you wish to look at, but are not sure about the particular rule you may need.

The last volume contains two tables:

All law libraries and many large public and academic libraries will have copies of the Rules.

NOTE: In order for the patron to have the most up-to-date information about a particular rule, he must also refer to the State Register.

Minnesota Rules are on the web at http://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/statutes.asp.

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