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"The State Register is the official source and only complete listing for all state agency rule making in its various stages. State agencies are required to publish notice of their rule making action in the State Register.... Approximately 75 state agencies have the authority to Issue rules." -State Register. The State Register Is published every Monday. Its purpose is to "give notice" to citizens regarding proposed, amended, repealed or adopted agency rules and other matters.

Volume numbering begins with the first issue in July and continues until the last issue of the following June. Each Issue is numbered and dated. Page numbering is sequential; therefore, each volume often has several thousand pages.

There is a "Rules Index" in each issue which cumulates for six months, I. e., the last issue in December. With the first issue in January, the "Rules Index" begins to cumulate anew until the last issue the following June. Therefore, if you want to know if a rule has been affected in the past year you must check the "Rules Index" in the most recent issue of the State Register and then the last "cumulated index" either in December or June.

In addition, the State Register contains various other topics:

NOTE: The State Register is the means by which you will update a Minnesota agency rule. See the section on MINNESOTA RULES.

The State Register is available on the web at

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