Minnesota Legislative Manual

The MINNESOTA LEGISLATIVE MANUAL is published every other year by the Election Division of the Office of the Secretary of State. It is a guide to state government organization and elected and appointed officials serving in all branches of State government. It also includes information on county governments and the Federal government. The last chapter gives election returns for the latest general election and primaries and special elections preceding the general election. County totals are given and then precinct totals are listed under each legislative district.

Listings for most officials include name, addresses (home and office), phone numbers, brief biographical sketch, committee appointments, election or appointment history and usually a picture.

The first chapter is a profile of the state: current issues in state government, major facts about the state (population, altitude, etc.), state symbols, brief chronology of events. Minnesota and United States Constitutions are included.

The index does not list all included persons; department titles should be consulted.

The MANUAL (often referred to as "The State Blue Book") is usually available in the fall of each odd-numbered year, reflecting election results from the previous year's election. (General elections occur in the even-numbered years.)

It is important to note that after the general election, some information will be out of date. You may find it useful to underline or highlight information on your local governmental officials, and update information with newspaper clippings after local elections or other changes in government.

The following directories which list state elected officials are published by the House Public Information Office and appear more quickly after the election;


All titles mentioned are free to libraries.

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