Minnesota Guidebook to State Agency Services

THE MINNESOTA GUIDEBOOK TO STATE AGENCY SERVICES is published every four years (to coincide with the governor's term of office) and is available from the Minnesota Bookstore. The Guidebook gives extensive information about state agencies and their services, and provides information about Minnesota. Entries for each state agency include publications, assistance available, licensing and permits required, along with names of supervisory personnel, addresses and telephone numbers.

Larger agencies are arranged alphabetically under the Executive, Legislative or Judicial Branches. Most agencies are part of the Executive Branch of state government. The introduction to this section (page 1) defines the categories of Executive Branch agencies, task forces, advisory councils and committees.

Under each large agency, smaller divisions, departments, offices, etc., are listed, with organization structure "shown through a change in type size for the name of the offices. The largest type size lists the name of the agency. As the agency develops into more specific responsibilities, the size of the type becomes smaller. Generally, but not in all cases, to find who answers to whom, follow the type size of the office titles up to the next larger size."

The index is quite extensive, with both specific and general headings covering many services. For example, the specific divisions listed under general headings such as "laboratories," "bookstores," and "inspections," also have separate entries. However, there are very few cross-references. It is important to check for synonyms or check under the general heading for the agency you think might provide the service.

Additional sections are "Minnesota Profile," and an annotated list by geographic region of cultural, recreational and historic attractions throughout the state.

It is important to remember that because the Guidebook is updated only every four years, some of the names and telephone numbers will be outdated. Calling the agency to verify information might be necessary. Many agencies can be reached through the state-wide toll-free number 1-800-652-9747.

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