Minnesota State Censuses

Complete censuses for the Territory of Minnesota are available for 1849, 1850 and 1857 (and incomplete ones for 1853 and 1855). Minnesota became a state in 1858 and was included in the 1860 federal census. The first census conducted by the state was done in 1865. Federal or state administered censuses have been collected alternately every five years since then.

State-administered censuses require knowledge of the county and town or township in which the person whose name is being searched lived. There are no surname indexes for these censuses.

Microfilm of the Minnesota censuses of 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, and 1905 can be borrowed, free of charge, on interlibrary loan from the Minnesota Historical Society Division of Archives and Manuscripts.

Death Indexes

The Minnesota Death Index is available on the Internet at through the Minnesota Historical Society. This index allows for searching by Name, Year of Death, and County of Death. Information can be found for genealogical and family history research. The Minnesota Historical Society hosts this online index of death certificates. The database covers years from 1908 to 1996. For more information, see the FAQ page at

The Social Security Death Index is available on the Internet at a variety of commercial sites. sponsors one of the best at The Death Index contains a listing of everyone who had a Social Security number and who is deceased, and whose death was reported to the Social Security Administration. If you find a person in the Death Index you will learn the date of birth and Social Security Number for that person. (The Social Security Death Index is not published by SSA for public use, but is made available by commercial entities using information from SSA records.)

Genealogy Charts

Patrons often record the results of their searches on special charts. These can be purchased in quantity at low cost from many genealogy supply firms. The charts help make the information needed clear to the librarian and patron. For this reason, it is useful to have some of these forms available for the patron to fill in.

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