Medical Reference Books

This unit will only deal with a few specific tools that you might have.



Two of the most helpful medical books for the average user are the AMA FAMILY MEDICAL GUIDE and the HAVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL FAMILY HEALTH GUIDE. Most of the common medical conditions are described in easy to understand language accompanied by clear diagrams. There are color plates to help people identify conditions in the AMA GUIDE and clear diagrams in the HARVARD GUIDE.

There is an index in the back of each title. A glossary of medical terms is also included near the back.

Common drugs are briefly described. A unique feature of this book is a section with charts to help people diagnose their own symptoms. A note of caution is that you can show patrons the charts and how to use them, but you should not attempt to do the diagnosis yourself.

The American Medical Association and Harvard Medical School sponsor these guides and the advice is fairly standard medical opinion. Many of your patrons will want to supplement this with "alternative" medical advice - for example, they may want to know more about holistic medicine, biofeedback or acupuncture than you will find here. You should not expect to find those kinds of topics well covered in this book. You will need to use other books and magazine articles to help your patrons find that kind of information.

Remember, with all medical questions:

Complete the Medical Practice Questions.

Go to Medical Dictionaries.

Review the Medical Question Worksheet.

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