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Gale Database of Publications and Broadcast Media

Gale Database of Publications and Broadcast Media contains descriptive and contact information for more than 52,000 newspapers, periodicals, newsletters, and directories, and 12,400 television and radio stations and cable television companies in the United States and Canada.

Gale Database of Publications and Broadcast Media can help you find media outlets by their name, channel number, location, type of media (newspaper, radio, television), key personnel, local program titles, and station formats (classic rock, country, etc.). Typical directory information is provided along with the e-mail address, year founded, printing method and format of print media, advertising rates, channel, network affiliation, frequency or channel, and owner.


Basic search

To begin a basic search, click on one of the following three options:

Retrieving by name or location is a simple search started by typing at least one word from the proper name or entering into the appropriate box the location where the media outlet(s) is physically located, such as by state, ZIP code, or area code. After you have entered your search terms, click on the Search button. In a location search be aware that if you limit your search to the city of Minneapolis, only those listings that are located within the geographic boundaries of Minneapolis will be included; suburban locations will be excluded.

Within the name or location search, you have the option of limiting your search to the specialized databases of broadcast media, publications, newsletters, or directories. Scroll down in the Select a Database box and click on the database to which you want to limit your search. If nothing is chosen, the search will automatically be performed on all the databases. You can also limit search results by type of records, such as newspapers, television, newsletters, etc. Simply scroll down the list under Record Type and click on the desired option.

Subject descriptors or categories (assigned only to print media) enable you to search by the term the Gale Database uses to describe the publication, such as General Business, Medicine, or Computers and Telecommunications. To see a list of these subject categories, click on the Help bar on the top of the page, then click on Searching by Name, Location or Subject and move down to the heading Search by Subject of Free-Text Term. You can also search for a word anywhere within an entry by choosing the Free Text search function. To begin any of these three subject searches, type the term(s) into the appropriate box, choose to limit by database or record type if you want, and then click on the Search button.

Extended search

To begin, choose either Searching for Publications or Broadcast Media. This more advanced mode allows you to search many fields simultaneously and is useful for creating tailored lists of media outlets. For example, you can compile a list of all the medical magazines published in Minnesota by choosing Periodical in the Record Type box, typing Minnesota or MN under State, and entering Medical in the Description box. As in the other search modes, click on Search to begin.

Expert search

This is a more complex search that allows you to retrieve media outlets that meet very specific criteria that may not be searchable using the Basic or Extended Search mode. For instance, you can select magazines that match a certain circulation figure and accept advertising, or you can identify radio stations that play jazz music, broadcast at a minimum of 25,000 watts, have advertising rates under $1,000 per unit, and are located in the Great Lakes region. If you want to try this method, select Expert Search and click on the Help button for details on how to construct your search.

Viewing the search results

After any successful search, Gale Database of Publications and Broadcast Media will display the results. Click on the blue line of an entry to see the full information.

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This page was written by Mark Ranum in February, 2003.
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