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The Grove Dictionary of Art

The Grove Dictionary of Art is a comprehensive database of worldwide visual arts dating from prehistory through the present. You will find over 41,000 articles, maps, diagrams and line drawings, plus access to more than 100,000 searchable color images. Subjects include biographies of artists; writers; art forms; styles, groups & movements; materials, techniques and conservation, and information on the cultures and civilizations. It contains a companion database called The Bridgeman Art Library.


To begin, click on the search button and then choose Article or Full text search. The Article search is the quick search. The Full Text search is an expanded search.

Article search: Type a word or phrase in the box and click on Search. Choose an article from the list. The article will appear in the center of the screen with a Contents List and Bibliography to the left of the screen. Image Links, Maps, Diagrams, Related Articles, and The Bridgeman Library provide further search options above the text. Select Images and web links appear which allow the viewer to see related color images. Clicking within the image may enlarge it.

The full text search is an expanded search and will provide you with a list of every article in which the subject is mentioned.

The Index Search is an alphabetical list of subjects with subheadings and cross-references and is meant to be a quick and easy search for the user.

The A-Z Browse is another list of subjects/keywords arranged alphabetically with the length of the entry noted.

The Bridgeman Art Library

The Bridgeman Art Library is an important part of this site. By clicking on the icon labeled Bridgeman on the main search screen, you will have access to thousands of color images of paintings, sculpture, architecture and decorative arts from around the world. Images are from museum and private collections, and include buildings, historical events and people.

Searching The Bridgeman Art Library: Two searches are available in this database. The simple search uses a subject or keyword and will display matches by number of items per page. The advanced search allows one to search by title, artist, nationality, century, medium, location and broad topic. The large number of graphics can cause slow response times or delays in loading.

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