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FACTS.com brings together content from five reference databases to answer questions about events, issues, statistics and people of the last twenty years. Included are:

FACTS.com database also delivers special features including maps, photographs, historic documents and overviews of key issues. The database is updated weekly and Reuters News is updated every hour.


You can search using the full-text search in the upper left of the screen, or use the Menu Access search. Menu Access has three areas that can be searched.

  1. Top News Stories: a quick guide to finding important stories and special features in the Facts on File World News Digest. There is a content page which categorizes the stories by U.S. News; World News; Sports; Arts and Entertainment; Special Features.
  2. Subject Index: (1980-1999): a topical guide to all 75,000 Facts on File News Digest articles from January 1980 through March 1999
  3. Today's News for Reuters: This first screen displays a summary of 10 current major news stories. This summary is updated throughout the day. The headlines of these summaries are linked to longer stories from Reuters. At the bottom of the summary are links to each day's news stories from the last week, with links to the full stories.

Special Features

On the right side of the screen provides background information and links you to the most important stories and major news events, key news topics and prominent newsmakers.

  1. Archive Preview (1940-1979) new feature. Full text Facts on File World News Digest back to the 1970s.
  2. Key historic events (1940-present): events are arranged by topic such as: U.S. Politics and Government; Terrorism in the U.S.; Natural Disasters and Environmental Crisis
  3. Key issues: an alphabetical list of such issues as Abortion, Capital punishment, Affirmative Action, etc.
  4. Key people: an alphabetical list of people such as: Fidel Castro, Jimmy Carter.
  5. World heads of state and government leaders: lists leaders alphabetically by country. "Back in time" has previous versions of the list.
  6. Obituaries: (1980-2001) for famous people listed alphabetically.
  7. Newspaper editorials: major topics arranged by year. Each topic includes editorials from multiple newspapers.
  8. Historic documents: primary source documents arranged by year or by title.
  9. Country profiles: Overview of the country with information about government, people, economy, land and resources.
  10. Maps: color maps of all countries in the world as well as U.S. states, provinces of Canada and a few cities. It also provides access to profiles of the countries of the world.
  11. Photos and graphics: listed by people's name or by "events and objects " such as: Bill Bradley or the Berlin Wall.

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This page was written by Mark Ranum in February, 2003.
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