Electronic Databases

Some Minnesota libraries have purchased access to hundreds of electronic subscription databases, while others have access only to the Electronic Library of Minnesota (ELM). The following electronic databases are some of the core resources for libraries.

Library Catalogs

Twenty Minnesota library systems with approximately 450 libraries' collections are available. These include public libraries, some K-12 libraries, state agency libraries, and technical, community college, and university libraries. A list of the current participating systems and libraries can be found at http://gateway.mnlink.org/info/.

Electronic Library for Minnesota logo

ELM resources are licensed by the MINITEX Library Information Network with state appropriations to the Minnesota Higher Education Services Office (MHESO) and the Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning.

Information on the ELM databases can be found at http://www.minitex.umn.edu/cpers/elm.

ProQuest Newspapers

The Minnesota Department of Education will use $628,000 in federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds to support the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM). These funds will reinstate electronic access to national newspapers and add access to international newspapers and to Spanish-language resources to ELM. ELM provides on-site and remote access to web-based information resources for users of school, public, academic and state government libraries.

All Minnesota libraries registered for ELM have continued access to ELM resources licensed by the MINITEX Library Information Network, giving every Minnesota resident the ability to use these valuable electronic information resources.

These can be searched from the MnLINK home page.

Internet Links

A selected set of hot links to Internet resources has been composed and is available to all users via the "Other Internet Resources" link from the MnLINK home page.

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This page was written by Mark Ranum in February, 2003. It was revised by Rebecca Patton on September 22, 2003.