Antiques and Collectibles

One of the most useful sites for collectors and people seeking information on pricing for antiques and collectibles is, an online auction website.

Ebay bills itself as the world’s largest trading community, with millions of transactions each day. Ebay is useful for collectors and seekers of information on antiques since you can find similar items and pricing for almost any kind of collectible. There are also specialized sites for collectibles, but experts and collectors from all over the world monitor this site. Patrons can quickly find information on manufacturers, dealers, and specific items by browsing the listings and looking through the prices offered for similar items. Photographs often accompany the listings, and condition is usually detailed.

Online auctions usually don’t hit peak pricing until the last hours or even minutes of an auction, so checking out auctions that have recently closed gives a better idea of pricing than looking at those with days to go before ending.

Patrons should always be encouraged to read the fine print in auction listings, and take into account the shipping and handling charges as they determine the value of their items.

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This page was last updated on December 8, 2003.