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ConsumerIndex provides summaries of consumer-related articles with specific product evaluations, tests, alerts, warnings, and recalls. Entries also link to Internet resources for consumers. The index covers over 170 periodicals from 1986 to the present.


Type the word or phrase you wish to find in the Search for: box (put a phrase in quotes). Select an index by clicking in the Keyword, Author or Title circle below the box. You may also rank your results by relevance or date by using the pull down menu by the Rank by: box.

Advanced searching: For more index options, click on Advanced or Expert on the left side of the screen. There are many indexes that can be searched, including author, title, subject, and product name. Browse the selected index if you would like to verify the correct spelling for any product or term. You may also limit your search to specific types of articles such as alert, evaluation, crash, or recall.

ConsumerIndex does not provide full-text to most of its entries, but it may provide Internet links for direct access to the contents of journals (for example, FDA Consumer) that are available full text on the Internet. It also provides direct links to Web pages for many products.

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