Congressional Directory

The CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY is a handbook to the Federal government. Because it is written as a guidebook for members of Congress, the emphasis is on the legislature and on the types of information Senators and Members of the House need to have handy.

Some of this is not of too much value to libraries, such as the room number of the Railroad Ticket Office in the Capitol. As one would expect, the DIRECTORY goes into a great deal of detail on members of Congress, Congressional organization and staff, including Congressional committees. However, it also gives detailed lists of personnel in all agencies of government and the foreign service. It does not give narrative descriptions of departments. For this you would have to use the U.S. GOVERNMENT MANUAL.

The same basic cautions apply to the CONGRESSIONAL DIRECTORY as to the U.S. GOVERNMENT MANUAL; although some kinds of information can safely be taken from old volumes, personnel changes fast and must be updated.

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