Guide to Starting a Business in Minnesota

A GUIDE TO STARTING A BUSINESS IN MINNESOTA is published by the Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development and available free from the Minnesota Small Business Assistance Office. It is updated annually in September or October.

This book provides a concise, summary discussion of many of the major issues faced by anyone starting a small business in Minnesota. It provides responses to the questions and concerns most frequently raised. Some of the areas covered include forms of business organization, accounting, loans, insurance, issues for the employer, taxes. Many sources of information are given.

The last section is a "Directory of Licenses and Permits," a guide to agencies that regulate various business activities, such as: taxidermy, tow truck operation, or racetrack operation.

The index is very general, amounting to little more than a rearrangement of the table of contents in alphabetical order. For instance, the section "Accounting and Tax Assistance" is indexed under accounting, but not taxation. The section "Checklist for hiring an employee" is listed under "checklist" and "employment issues," but not "hiring."

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